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The corporate website has been opened
2020-10-11 |

Dear platform users,

The Stake Capital Investment team (SCI TEAM) is pleased to announce the opening of the corporate website for everyone!

From today on, we are ready to offer you a fundamentally new staking platform, the 2.0 generation platform, which means that you will be able to use the most advanced and high-tech solutions built on the block chain basis. These are the technologies primarily characterised by transparency, anonymity, and reliability. This is why you can be sure of the safety and security of the funds transferred to the staking. If you are ready to take a step into the world of financial technologies of the future, you are welcome to the team to learn more about the available earning opportunities and additional benefits.

If you find yourself on the corporate website of Stake Capital Investment, you are probably well-versed in blockchain technology and already know what incomprehensible opportunities the cryptocurrency world offers. Decentralised finance (DeFi) capitalisation has grown from $675.9 million (January 2020) to $11.3 billion (at the time of this news release) this year alone! The reason for such a rapid growth is, without exaggeration,the fact that decentralised finance has revealed new technological heights for conventional financial instruments.

One of DeFi's tools is staking. It offers the ability to generate passive income by supporting networks (blockchains) operating under the PoS (Proof of Stake) protocol. To sign new blocks in such block chains, the owners of full nodes must have a certain amount of coins. Since the number of transactions in the cryptocurrency world is increasing steadily, staking is of particular (infrastructural) importance for the development of the entire industry.

The Stake Capital Investment team is raising the bar of technology even higher, bringing its unique know-how in the form of application of special accelerator tokens, which allow to increase the income from staking up to 240% per year (with daily accruals at the rate of 0.66%). Moreover, each sale of one thousand (1,000) tokens through an integrated exchange will increase the market value of the coin by 1%. This means that in addition to the income derived from staking, platform members will be able to generate speculative income by offering available tokens for sale at a higher price.

In addition to the proposed know-how, which is the exclusive intellectual property of the Stake Capital Investment team, the first users (who will join the project at the pre-start period) will get favourable conditions for the purchase of tokens at a fixed price that will not change throughout the pre-start period. (See the details in a separate publication, because it is a very important topic.)

This is not the end, however! Stake Capital Investment is a combined power of decentralised finance technology (DeFi) and the best marketing solutions backed up by theyears of experience. The Stake Capital Investment partnership programme provides an incredibly extensivereferral system, including the rewards up to 20% for the volume of funds transferred to the staking by your invited users, as well as one-off bonuses (benefits) paid when reaching partner ranks as your career status increases. (See the details of the partnership programme in a separate publication, too.)

Today is the day when we can confidently say that the digital future has already come, and it is the best time for profitable investment. This is your future, in which you can secure the staking income you want.

That is why we invite you to join the SCI TEAM, the world's first project of such a level with the best conditions for both partners and platform users. Register now to take advantage of the beneficial pre-start opportunities. You can become a Creator of your destiny and your financial well-being.

Kind regards,