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Pre-start launch
2020-10-14 |

Dear community members,

Today Stake Capital Investment launches the pre-start period, during which the first system users will be offered special investing conditions.

During the pre-start period, exactly one million (1,000,000) SCI tokens can be purchased at a special, exceptionally favorable price, $0.1 only (i.e. 10¢). It´s not difficult to calculate that a million coins 10 cents each amounts to $100,000. This means that we don't know how long the "pre-start" period will last. Probably, the entire amount will be purchased by the first registered user; it may take several minutes, hours, or days. Time will show. But another thing is important.

Once the pre-start period lapses, the SCI token price will become 20¢ ($0.2) and it will start growing according by 1% after the sale of every (next) thousand tokens. This means that the first participants joining the system during the pre-start period will be able to double their funds (even if they do not expect the further growth in the coin price).

To describe the process in detail, it will look as follows. The first registered users during the entire pre-start period will be able to receive SCI tokens not only by purchasing packages but also by way of buying them directly from the integrated exchange at a fixed price of 10 cents. This price will remain unchanged throughout the pre-launch period. If an investor purchases one of the packages offered by Stake Capital Investment, tokens received as passive income will also be credited based on the cost of 10 cents. These funds will be transferred to the frozen balance, which will be unfrozen immediately after the partner reaches the R5 rank. All coins purchased by the participant during the pre-start period will be immediately available for sale (any other coins beyond this category can be sold at the integrated exchange at any time at the user's discretion).

Once one million tokens are purchased in full, the official launch of the platform will take place, and the price of one token will increase to 20 cents. It is from this point that the market rate will begin to grow (by 1% when selling every thousand tokens at the integrated exchange). In other words, the investor will be able to decide whether to put their coins on sale at the price of 20 cents or to wait for the further price growth. The only thing to be kept in mind is that the R5 rank is mandatory for selling coins purchased during the pre-start period at the exchange according to the Stake Capital Investment partner program.

To learn more about the favorable conditions offered during the pre-start period, contact the Technical Support or visit the events held by the SCI TEAM on a regular basis.

Looking forward to seeing you among the first investors of Stake Capital Investment! Register now to take advantage of the special terms and conditions offered to the first users only.


Kind regards,