Privacy policy

1. Terms and definitions

1.1 Acceptance - full and unconditional acceptance by the Participant of the Offer by registering on the Site.

1.2 Agreement - this agreement of accession concluded between the Organizer and the Participant who expressed the Acceptance in the manner specified in the Agreement.

1.3. Personal Account - a closed (protected) section of the Site, located at, which allows the Participant, after registering and paying for the Product, to get access to it, report and receive information about the execution of the Agreement, as well as perform other actions within the framework of execution Agreement.

1.4. The organizer is LLC Stake Capital Investment, which provides services in accordance with the Agreement and information on the Site.

1.5. Offer - a public offer (public offer) of the Organizer published on the Site addressed to an indefinite circle of individuals to conclude an Agreement with him on the conditions contained therein, as well as taking into account the information contained on the Site.

1.6. Product - a set of lessons, webinars, practical training (coaching), master classes, consultations, video materials, as well as offline events organized and broadcast by the Organizer through the Site, the list of which is indicated on the Site.

1.7. Program 1 - A product that includes a simplified set of activities and materials in accordance with the information on the Site.

1.8. Program 2 - A product that includes, in addition to the events and materials of Program 1, additional events and materials in accordance with the information on the Site

1.9. Site - a set of information resources belonging to the Organizer and posted on the global computer network Internet at

1.10. Participant - an individual who has expressed Acceptance in the manner prescribed by the Agreement and who wishes to purchase one of the Products in accordance with the Agreement.

1.11. Party - Participant or Organizer, acting separately.

1.12. Parties - the Participant and the Organizer, acting separately.

1.13. Member ID - a unique identification number assigned to the Member when registering on the Site.


2. General provisions


2.1. The agreement between the Participant and the Organizer is concluded at the time of the Acceptance of the Offer by the Participant by registering on the Site.

2.2. From the moment of Acceptance of the Offer, the Agreement is considered concluded in a simple written form, does not require execution on paper and has full legal force.

2.3. By making an Acceptance, the Participant confirms his full legal capacity and legal capacity, in particular, reaching the age of 18 years, the legal right to conclude an Agreement with the Organizer, to dispose of his personal data.

2.4. The participant is responsible for the content and accuracy of the information provided when registering on the Site.


3. Subject of the contract


3.1. In accordance with the Agreement, the Organizer undertakes to organize and provide the Participant with access to lessons, webinars, practical trainings (coaching), master classes, consultations, video materials, as well as offline activities included in the Product purchased by the Participant (according to the Program 1 or Program 2), and the Participant undertakes to pay for the Product in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

3.2. The list of events and materials included in the Product (according to Program 1 or Program 2) is indicated by the Organizer on the Site. The participant confirms familiarization with the information on the Site when accepting the Offer.


4. Execution of the contract


4.1. When registering on the Site, the Participant generates a "login" and "password", using which the Participant can log in to the Site and gain access to the Personal Account.

4.2. A prerequisite for registering on the Site is to check the box "I accept the terms of the Public Agreement - Offer" on the "Registration" page.

4.3. After authorization, filling in all the required profile fields in the Personal Account, the Participant has the right to choose one of the offered Products, namely Program 1 or Program 2, to gain access to events and materials.

4.4. Access to materials and events is provided to the Participant after full payment for the selected Product.

4.5. The content of each of the Products (under Program 1 or Program 2), materials and events is determined by the Organizer independently.

4.6. The Participant independently provides himself with the technical means and software necessary to access the materials and activities included in the Product.

4.7. The Organizer has the right to suspend the online lesson, webinar, practical training (coaching), master class, consultation in case of incorrect behavior of the Participant, which interferes with the holding of the corresponding event. In this case, the Participant does not have the right to claim a refund of the money paid for the Product.

4.8. The provision of information as part of the development of the Product is not accompanied by the issuance of documents on education and / or qualifications.

4.9. Providing access to events and materials does not imply on the part of the Organization


5. Cost of services and payment procedure


5.1. The cost of the Products (for Program 1 or Program 2) is indicated on the Site and can be changed by the Organizer at any time unilaterally. The new cost takes effect from the moment of publication on the Site and does not apply to Products paid for by the time of publication.

5.2. After choosing a Product (Program 1 or Program 2), the Member transfers funds in the amount of the cost of the corresponding Product in the order of 100% prepayment.

5.3. Payment for the Product is carried out in accordance with the details of the Organizer indicated on the Site. The moment of payment is the receipt of funds to the account of the Organizer.

5.4. Payment for the Participant can be made by a third party. In this case, in the accompanying payment information, the Surname, First name, Patronymic and ID of the Participant for whom the payment was made must be indicated.


6. Bonus program


6.1. In accordance with the Organizer's marketing policy set forth on the Website, within the framework of the Agreement, in order to popularize the Products offered by the Organizer, the Participant may be provided free of charge bonuses in the following forms:

- provision of ownership of goods for personal use;

- provision of a car for free use for up to 1 year;

- bonuses in the form of cash;

- bonuses in the form of payment for foreign trips to offline events with payment for accommodation, meals and excursions;

- other bonuses provided by the Organizer's marketing policy.

6.2. The provision of bonuses under the Agreement may be conditional on the successful development of the Product in accordance with the criteria determined by the Organizer's marketing policy set out on the Site.

6.3. To provide a bonus in the form of free use of a car, the Organizer provides the Participant with 4 attempts for a period of 90 days to fulfill the criteria used to assess the success of the Participant's development of the Product and indicated on the Site. If the criteria are not met within the specified 4 attempts, this bonus is not provided, unless otherwise specified by the Organizer in the Agreement or on the Site.

6.4. The fulfillment of the Organizer's obligations under this Agreement, including the provision of bonuses to the Participant in accordance with the Organizer's marketing policy, may be carried out by third parties at the discretion of the Organizer.


7. Personal data


7.1. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the Participant gives the Organizer consent to the processing (collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, distribution, depersonalization, blocking and destruction of his personal data, including using automation tools.

7.1.1. The Participant agrees to the transfer of his personal and other data to third parties for the implementation of partnership and other programs, provided that the Organizer ensures confidentiality with respect to the transferred data.

7.1.2. The purpose of processing the Participant's personal data is to provide services under the Agreement and to enable the use of the resources of the Site.

7.2. Neither Party shall have the right to transfer confidential information to third parties without the written permission of the other Party.

7.2.1. The Parties consider confidential information that is not publicly available on the Site and transferred to each other, including, but not limited to, information about other purchasers of the Product, business plans.

7.3. Only those persons who are directly related to the development of the Products under the Agreement can be acquainted with the transmitted information of a confidential nature.

7.4. The parties will take all necessary measures to ensure non-disclosure of information and lack of access to familiarize with it from third parties without the consent of either party.

7.5. In cases stipulated by the current legislation of the territory in which the Participant operates, confidential information may be provided by any Party to the authorized state bodies (including law enforcement) with the obligatory notification of the other Party.


8. Dispute Resolution


8.1. In the event of a disagreement, the Parties shall, if possible, resolve them through negotiations. If the Parties do not come to a unanimous decision within one month from the beginning of negotiations, the dispute shall be considered in court at the location of the Organizer.


9. Final provisions


9.1. The Agreement comes into force from the moment the Participant completes the Offer Acceptance in the manner prescribed by the Agreement, and is valid until the Parties fully fulfill their obligations.

9.2. The parties have agreed that the Organizer has the right to unilaterally amend the Agreement, as well as change the information on the Site. At the same time, such changes become mandatory for the Participant from the moment they are published on the Site.

9.3. Each of the Parties undertakes to notify the other Party about the change in its details within 5 working days. The Organizer notifies the Participant about this by posting information on the Site, and the Participant - by e-mail by sending a letter to the address indicated on the Site.

9.4. The Participant agrees for the Organizer to send correspondence, information about events, promotions, new projects, etc. to the Participant's email address.

9.5. The Parties are not responsible for their full or partial failure to fulfill their obligations under this Agreement, if such failure was the result of force majeure circumstances (force majeure), namely: floods, other natural disasters, hostilities, decrees and decisions of state authorities or others events.

9.6. The parties to this Agreement do not consider the services provided by the Organizer, included in the Product, services in the field of education and educational activities.

9.7. Upon execution of this Agreement, acts, invoices, additional agreements and annexes to the Agreement may be drawn up in accordance with the requirements developed by the Organizer and posted on the Site.